Decodable Readers (Phonics Books)

What are Decodable Texts?

Decodable Readers align with the order you teach phonics, explicitly and systematically.  They can be used as part of your phonics testing/assessment of decoding fluency skills.  Learn more about Decodable Readers, Australia and Worldwide from Miss Emma, the Reading Whisperer, and developer of the Speech Sound Pics Approach, SSP. 

Free Decodable Readers, Download and Print from these web sites!
Recommended web sites offering free decodable readers (thank you)
Use the free SSP decodable readers guide and download the readers shown, so that you have a free supply of scaffolded decodable readers. Students MUST practice blending with fluency alongside their speech to print 'explicit learning' activities.
Download all books as a zip file​​

Code Level Phonics Readers are ONLY 'decodable readers' if they include only words spelt with graphemes students are working within, during explicit, systematic phonics teaching.
They use these 'decodable readers' to practice blending the graphemes with fluency, and to have enough freed up working memory to focus on comprehension. More and more graphemes are added.  

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