Decodable Readers from Miss Emma, Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach, developed in Australia. Teaching children to read and spell using a Speech to Print Approach.
This web site lists free decodable readers, printable phonics books that allow students to easily decode text with fluency, and focus on comprehension. Decodable Readers Australia

Free Phonics Readers
Download free decodable readers, find phonics books that support the blending of high frequency graphemes taught within a systematic phonics programme. 

This is the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach high frequency grapheme teaching order.
SSP is a Speech to Print
Approach to teaching reading and spelling.

These may not fully align with Miss Emma's SSP but are recommended. 

Free Decodable Readers, Download and Print from these web sites!
Recommended web sites offering free decodable readers (thank you)
Use the free decodable readers guide and download the readers shown here, so that you have a free supply of scaffolded decodable readers. Students MUST practice blending with fluency alongside their speech to print 'explicit learning' activities.
Download all books as a zip file

We have found some more decodable readers, and aligned them to the SSP Levels!

Thank you Core Knowledge

SSP Purple Level (with some Yellow Level)

SSP Yellow 

SSP Blue 

Code Mapping®

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