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Monster Mapping® is an extension of Code Mapping®.
They are SSP (Speech Sound Pics) Approach techniques used within the Approach.

When Code Mapping® we show students how speech sounds (phonemes) map with Sound Pics (graphemes) on paper. 
When we add in Monster Mapping® we also show students HOW to pronounce the words.

Both are highly effective for teaching students who learn differently eg those with dyslexia. The hallmark of dyslexia is poor phonemic awareness. Code Mapping® isolates and segments phonemes for students on paper, and then Monster Mapping® shows them how to articulate the linked speech sounds. This enables ALL students to learn to read and spell independently, far more quickly. Even if the adults around them do not understand dyslexia, the resources are designed to enable students to learn without expert teachers by their sides. We are passionate about creating 'teacherless teaching tools' that remove as many of the hurdles faced by dyslexic students as possible, and that offers early intervention for dyslexia.  

What is especially exciting is that although SSP students will use 'decodable readers' to practice the high-frequency graphemes covered when learning phonics skills, they are able to learn ALL words quickly, and investigate 'real' texts ALONGSIDE this explicit phonics teaching phase; they are not limited to reading books 'at their level' and ANY text can be Monster Mapped, because ALL English words are simply representations of blended speech sounds, on paper. 
We have also overcome the issue of 'accents' and mapping aligns with the IPA, so students who speak English as a Second Language can learn to speak in English, while learning to read and spell with Miss Emma - who is, herself, British.



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