Decodable Readers from Miss Emma, Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach, developed in Australia. Teaching children to read and spell using a Speech to Print Approach.
This web site lists free decodable readers, printable phonics books that allow students to easily decode text with fluency, and focus on comprehension. Decodable Readers Australia

Code Level Readers

Code Level Phonics Readers are ONLY 'decodable readers' if they include only words spelt with graphemes students are working within, during explicit, systematic phonics teaching.
They use these 'decodable readers' to practice blending the graphemes with fluency, and to have enough freed up working memory to focus on comprehension. More and more graphemes are added.  

Example SSP Decodable Readers


- Green Code Level

Purple Code Level

Yellow Code Level

Blue Code Level
Follow the Sounds to Say the Word

'Snap and Crack' with Miss Emma
(Cracking Comprehension) Resources used by SSP Parents and Teachers on

Learn how toteach using SSP, and when to use Decodable Readers!

Use the Spelling Clouds within the
Speedy Six Spelling Programme

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High Frequency Words
Let's investigate the written code ! A Speech to Print Approach 
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